President Has Strong Words for Republicans over Small Business Bill

President Barak Obama blasted Republican lawmaker’s only moments before leaving for his 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.  The President made the statements over the Republicans effort to stop a bill that would allow small businesses easier access to capital loans and would boost job growth.  Obama said that this particular piece of legislation was critical to an economic recovery.

The President had been dealing with the issue just prior to making the comments.  Over the previous few days, the President had been on a countrywide trip, meeting with small business owners and citizens to discuss the state of the economy.  Obama made the trip to help reassure voters that the economy was undergoing a recovery, and that the government is taking steps to ensure that the recovery continues.  He was also raising money for the Democratic Party.

The President has previously spoken out against Republicans for blocking the bill.  However, many Republicans have placed the blame on Democrats in the Senate.  Republicans are opposed to some measures of the bill, however, they have called for a vote on the individual amendments of the bill, and Democrats have refused.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader, pointed out that Democratic legislators have put the bill on hold at least six times to work on other legislation.  He said they are only bringing the small business bill back into the forefront, so that there would be something to talk about over the August congressional break. 

The legislation aims to give small businesses tax cuts, and other benefits aimed at increased lending options for owners.

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