Pizza X Raises Over $42,000 for Slain Pizza Delivery Driver

The 22 year old pizza delivery driverĀ  Adam Sarnecki was shot on November 3rd as he confronted someone breaking into a vehicle behind the Pizza X restaurant that employed him as a delivery driver. He died in surgery as they attempted to repair the damage from the bullet. Following this tragedy, the community of Bloomington, Indiana has come together to offer their support. The Pizza X location was closed over the weekend to allow the staff to deal with the event. When they opened on November 7th, they announced that they would donate all of the sales made for the following 3 days to the children and fiancee of Sarnecki.

Since the 7th the restaurant has been swamped with orders and customers making donations. The recession that has made so many families stick to a tight budget hasn’t stopped the people of Bloomington from being generous. The store already had a line waiting when they re-opened on Monday, and some orders took over 2 hours to fill due to the rush. A customer reports calling a total of 176 times before getting through to place an order. The phones remained jammed for the rest of the three day period.

The staff and owners were truly touched by the outpouring of help that they saw when they reopened. Customers were endlessly patient and didn’t complain even when their orders took hours to fill. Some former employees even came in to help with the event. Over 2,000 pizzas were sold in three days, raising over $30,000 in sales and an additional $14,000 in donations. The $42,000 will be put into a fund to help support the family that Sarnecki left behind.

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