Parents Most Concerned About Abductions and Online Predators, Poll Says

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies recently conducted a survey asking parents about the things they fear most happening to their children.  The survey focused on students in middle school through college.  Over two-thirds of parents responded that their children faced more risks today than they did in their childhood.  The older students were of particular concern as they face the traditional risks, as well as emerging technological risks that parents may be unaware exist.

The survey found that parents tend to focus mainly on the risks that would create the most headlines.  The event parents feared the most was kidnapping or abduction, with 38% of respondents answering.  The second risk parents feared most was a car accident at 30% of respondents, while harassment and bullying came in third at 22%.  The top three risks were all traditional risks that parents also had to face when growing up as children themselves.

However, as technology has evolved over the years, children are at an even greater risk.  When asked about technology related risks parents were quick to respond.  The most feared tech risk was predictably online predators with 38% of parents saying predators were their number one fear.  Identity theft followed at 25%, then cyber bullying at 18%, and finally sexting at 14%.

The report found that the things they fear most are the same things that would garner national headlines, even though the real threat may be rare and minimal.  The group says that parents should be just as worried about the items at the bottom of the lists such as cyber bullying and sexting, as children are much more likely to encounter them on a daily basis.

The Chubb Group has released a Student Risk Guide for parents to download for the upcoming school year.  The guide can be found at

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