Palin Aligning With Tea Party For Possible 2012 Run at Oval Office?

Palin Aligning With Tea Party For Possible 2012 Run at Oval Office?

Palin Aligning With Tea Party For Possible 2012 Run at Oval Office? Image via Wikimedia.

It appears that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is angling to become the face of the Tea Party for a possible run at the Presidency in 2012.  While Palin has not mentioned her intentions for the 2012 campaign, in her latest video and recent speeches she seems to be providing clear hints that she is considering going after the Republican nomination backed by the strength of the Tea Party.

In a web video released by Palin’s political action committee, she praised the Tea Party for the grassroots efforts she says is forcing Washington to change the way they play politics.  Palin added that she was impressed and pleased with the number of ever day citizens that have spoken out, and stood up, for what she called “commonsense conservative principles.”

Last Friday, Palin gave a speech at the Iowa Republican Party’s Ronald Regan dinner where she made similar statements about the Tea Party.  Palin heaped praise on Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware Tea Party candidate who won the Republican Senate Primary in Delaware recently.  At the same dinner, Palin also delivered a few jabs at some Republican figureheads including former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove.

Palin has long been associated with a certain style of maverick politics.  When rising to her seat as Governor in Alaska, it was not uncommon for her to go against the Republican Party and their preferred candidates.  In many ways Palin has always been what she is now embracing, a Republican on the ballot, but a grass-roots politician at heart

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