Over Half of Americans Give President Obama a Bad Job Rating

Over Half of Americans Give President Obama a Bad Job Rating

Over Half of Americans Give President Obama a Bad Job Rating. Source: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama has a full plate.  There’s the battle over the budget, which could shutdown the government if it goes badly. Labor union issues are cropping up across the country.  Conflict and chaos are popping up left and right overseas and the decision to intervene weighs heavy.  And, his 2012 reelection team is gearing up.

But there’s another issue at hand: his falling approval ratings. 58% of Americans reported having a negative option of the President’s job so far, according to the Harris Poll conducted during the third week of February. This is a two percent rise over last month’s 56%. Some of the disapproval may be directly caused by partisanship. 90% of Republicans gave the President a thumbs down, while 73% of Democrats approved. Independents followed the overall trend with 60% disapproval.

The East and West coasts offered the most support, with about 50% approval on both, but the Midwest and South were more critical, falling around 40% and 30% approval respectively. But when compared to Congress, President Obama is doing pretty well. Although its only been two months since the new Congress was elected, 86% of Americans said that Congress was doing a less than acceptable job. Only 14% of Americans gave Congress positive ratings.

The Americans polled were generally negative about the whole country. 64% felt that the country is on the wrong track. Despite optimistic news reports and rising stock market prices, gas prices continue to rise due to Middle Eastern conflicts. With weak job market improvements and the possibility of higher taxes in the new budget proposal, many Americans feel that the President and Congress are not doing a very good job of improving the country.

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