One Year Later, Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts Still Needed

One Year Later, Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts Still Needed

One Year Later, Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts Still Needed

The NGO alliance InterAction claims that in order to speed up the process of cleaning up from the damage and destruction created in Haiti one year ago, there has to be ongoing financial commitment from international donors and sponsors. So far the clean up process has been slow to say the least, and the need to act more quickly and efficiently becomes increasingly important as time goes on.

Top officials state that the rebounding process will take quite some time, and will require a committed effort from everybody involved including the people of Haiti, the Haitian government, donors, and NGOs.

The relief effort is one of the largest in a country that is already struggling due to a number of different factors including inefficient government operation, poverty, and limited financial resourcefulness.

The Haiti disaster has created a number of problems that are still being dealt with even after an entire year. Two of the most severe problems include the cholera outbreak, and the housing crisis, with nearly 2 million survivors still left without a home.

Land ownership and housing issues have become a huge problem in both urban and rural settings, and the need to solve land ownership issues after the crisis is more pressing than ever before.

The cholera outbreak has slowed the progress of the relief effort and it is estimated that over 400,000 could become affected throughout the months to come. Relief organizations have had to turn their efforts towards curbing the cholera outbreak instead of focusing on the rebuilding process. Many officials fear that this outbreak will be an ongoing issue for quite some time because of the poor living conditions and high population concentrations.

Widespread violence has also played a contributing role in the delay of the rebuilding process in Haiti.

Officials state that in order to maximize relief efforts, the formation of a new more effective government must occur which will involve eliminating many of the previous governmental inefficiencies that involve processes such as customs regulation and many others.

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