NOOK Tablet To Offer Netflix Service

Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK e-reader and tablet will now ship with the Netflix application installed before purchase. This will give all existing Netflix users a new convenient way to enjoy their favorite television shows and movies while riding the bus, your lunch break or in bed. The Netflix app for the NOOK tablet provides a personalized list of movies and individual episodes from a single menu, making it fast and easy to find something to watch. Netflix paired with Barnes & Noble due to the high amount of NOOK use among subscribers to the service. The company is always looking for new platforms to make movie viewing easier for users.

Programmers and developers from both companies worked together to create a seamless experience. Streaming movies come through in great high definition quality. The 7 inch screen is large enough to allow for comfortable viewing without making the device too large to be carried easily. Anyone who purchases the new NOOK and who doesn’t have a current subscription to the Netflix service will qualify for a 30 day free trial. The screen features IPS lamination that helps reduce glare and light reflection, making it easier to view in a wide range of settings. Upgrades to the video system have also made the screen on the new NOOK the best offered by all e-readers and tablet devices.

The new device will be arriving in stores beginning next week. This will allow consumers plenty of time to shop for all of their loved ones for the holidays. Marketing for the Netflix program will be accomplished through in-store advertising and media ads. NOOK Color users can also join in the fun by downloading the Netflix application to their device. No other NOOK versions will be capable of running the application. The full range of videos in the Netflix catalog will be available through the program.

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