New Twitter Image Galleries Need to be Managed With Care, Says Punch

New Twitter Image Galleries Need to be Managed With Care, Says Punch

New Twitter Image Galleries Need to be Managed With Care, Says Punch

Micro-blogging site Twitter has recently enhanced its offering by launching image galleries, allowing images to be displayed on a user’s profile page. But Punch Communications warns that users need to be aware galleries are automatically generated by Twitter and images displayed may not be what the user would prefer or expect.

All Twitter profiles will now feature the image gallery and this will inevitably benefit many users, allowing for more interaction and an improved means of identifying people to follow. But Punch believes there is an inherent risk of the ‘wrong sort of image’ being displayed which is particularly significant for brands that use the platform as part of their social media strategy.

As a default, the four most recent pictures associated with the user are displayed on the profile page for all to see – i.e. the most recently tweeted or retweeted images. Clicking on ‘view all’ will reveal the users’ 100 most recent images on one page in chronological order. The images can come from a variety of sources such as Twitter, yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram amongst other image sharing devices supported in Twitter.

The concern is that users may inadvertently retweet an image not realising it will be collated and appear on their profile page. This is an issue that individuals, brands and any social media agency worth their salt need to take into consideration when engaging on Twitter.

“This obviously demonstrates the evolution of the Twitter platform, creating more opportunity for individual users and brands to share and express themselves. Like any other social media platform however, it is prudent to be fully aware of the functionality and the potential pitfalls to prevent information being shared unintentionally,” said Benedict Heath, Account Director at PR agency, Punch Communications

Whilst the development of image galleries visualises the experience of Twitter making it akin to other platforms such as Facebook, there is the potential for users to be caught out and any individual, brand or online PR agency unfamiliar with this development needs to consider the images they are tweeting, to ensure the profile page is not populated with inappropriate images, giving the wrong impression to followers.

Heath continued: “If the management of images is not taken seriously by brands, it could result in a confusing profile – at the very least giving an ‘off-brand’ message or at worst, damaging reputation.”

Although there is the potential for issues to arise, image galleries are not necessarily a negative development if handled effectively. Ultimately, it can be controlled by the user and any images deemed inappropriate can be deleted to prevent embarrassment.

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