New Study Affirms Meat Important for Healthy Diet

New Study Affirms Meat Important for Healthy Diet

New Study Affirms Meat Important for Healthy Diet

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans has affirmed that poultry and meat products are considered an important part of a healthy and well balanced diet, says the American Meat Institute.

The guidelines leave unchanged previous recommendations that Americans should eat between five and seven ounces from the poultry, meat or bean group each day.

James H. Hodges, the executive vice president of the AMI, says that studies show that this group is the only food group that consumers eat in the amount recommended by the guidelines.

Some people might be under a false impression that citizens in the United States eat too much poultry and meat products but that is not the case according to the latest nutrition data.

The federal government Centers for Disease Control collects data on nutrition through its National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and its findings are that an average American man eats 6.9 ounces of poultry or meat each day and that American women consume an average of 4.4 ounces.

The AMI points out that on page 12 of the Dietary Guidelines, table 2.2 shows that processed and red meats do not get over consumed.

The American Meat Institute was also pleased that the focus in the Dietary Guidelines was on foods that are nutrient dense. These types of food have a higher ratio of nutrition to calories. Poultry and meat products are nutrient dense and an excellent source of protein, iron and amino acids.

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