New Report Reveals Impact of Teen Driver Crashes

New Report Reveals Impact of Teen Driver Crashes

New Report Reveals Impact of Teen Driver Crashes

A new report dealing with the impact that teen driver automobile crashes produce has been jointly released by State Farm Insurance Company and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

This report contains national data and shows that the impact of these kinds of automobile accidents is spread far beyond the crash victim’s friends and families. 681,000 people were involved in automobile accidents in 2008 in which a teen driver was in charge of one of the vehicles.

Over 40,000 of these people received injuries and almost 30 percent of the fatalities involved were not in the vehicle driven by the teenager.

Dr. Dennis Durban is a director of the Children’s Hospitals Center for Injury Research and Prevention and one of the authors of the new report. He says that when many people think about those that are affected by the aftermath of automobile crashes caused by teen drivers, they are often only thinking of the teens themselves.

Dr. Durban says that it is important to remember the true impact that these crashes can have on other members of the community such as other vehicles occupants, cyclists, pedestrians and all of the other users of roads. He adds that even if there is not a teen driver in your family you should be concerned over this issue.

The new report gives a solid and factual way to measure statistically how effective education, laws and other safety programs are in reducing the amount of automobile accidents caused by teen drivers and also gauge their impact on American communities.

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