New MyPlate Icon Replaces Food Pyramid

New MyPlate Icon Replaces Food Pyramid

New MyPlate Icon Replaces Food Pyramid

The outdated food pyramid has been sent out to pasture. In its place you will find a more modern concept. This newly unveiled idea is being labeled “MyPlate.” It was unveiled on June 2, 2011. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and First Lady Michelle Obama came up with the newly designed nutritional outline.

The newly introduced nutritional outline can help people make better decisions when eating and shopping. To add to the more modern design, a easy to use website has been launched. People are being encouraged to visit the new website for even more nutritional information. The website is loaded with tons of information that can help anyone make better food decisions. Health professionals and educators will still be able to access the older food pyramid in a separate section of the website.

Bad habits can be difficult to overcome, and unhealthy eating usually revolves around several unhealthy habits that must be broken. can help change these bad habits with lots of in depth how-to articles. When used properly these articles can help people overcome unhealthy eating habits. The tips and tools located on the website are not only beneficial to individuals that are looking for healthy eating information, but also educators and health professionals.

Everything has been designed to be easy to use. Anyone can easily gain knowledge on a variety of subjects like: nutritional food values, daily tips for healthy eating, exciting healthy meal ideas, exciting healthy meal menus, personalized healthy eating plans, the ability to analyze your existing food intake, and make the necessary changes to start eating healthier.

The statistics don’t lie. America is getting fat, and it is happening at an alarming rate. People can use the tools and resources located at to help them overcome unhealthy eating habits, and empower themselves to live longer healthier lives. Families can learn and change the way they eat together. The USDA is currently developing a tool that anyone will be able to use. This simple to use tool will allow consumers to completely customize and personalize the choices they make for eating and exercising. Expect to find this tool later in the year 2011.

The focus of the new MyPlate concept is very simple. It focuses on eating a balanced meal that consists of fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. It can easily teach anyone just how easy it is to eat a healthy balanced diet by avoiding foods that are high in calories, but low in nutritional value.

MyPlate offers more than a guide of what foods people should avoid, it also teaches which foods you should eat more of. For example, half of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruits. About 25% should be proteins and the remaining 25% should be grains. At least 50% of your grains should be whole grains.

MyPlate also highlight certain types of foods to avoid. MyPlate teaches people to read product labels and choose foods that have overall healthier numbers. Reducing your overall sodium and fat intake can have huge healthy advantages. You can also replace sugary drinks with water to further reduce unnecessary calorie intake.

Don’t let all of these healthy choices confuse you. MyPlate will easily point you in the right direction and simplify healthy food choices.

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