New Magazine Showcases South Florida Lifestyle

New Magazine Showcases South Florida Lifestyle

New Magazine Showcases South Florida Lifestyle

A new glossy, full color magazine is about to be launched about the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by many of the residents in the South Florida area. The new magazine is called Apples to Oranges and will make a first appearance as an insert to the New York Post on Friday, the 15th of April.

The ABC audited circulation of Apples to Oranges will be 114,610 copies that will be distributed to the households with the highest incomes on the paper’s distribution list in Connecticut, Manhattan, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Long Island by both home delivery and newsstands.

The publisher said he’s enthusiastic about the new magazine venture and is pleased to be working in conjunction with the New York Post, the city’s popular daily newspaper.

The magazine Apples to Oranges is intended as a powerful way for the people of South Florida to introduce the lifestyle of luxury that is available there to people living in and around New York City.

The content of the Magazine will provide insights into the culturally enriching and meaningful quality of life in the South Florida region.

The newspaper that is hosting the new magazine is the New York Post. This newspaper is the oldest daily newspaper in the United States that has been published continuously. Alexander Hamilton founded the paper in 1801. It is also in the top ten newspapers in America in circulation ranking.

As well as in print the New York Post is available online and in applications for smart phones and iPad.

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