New Forensic DNA Extraction System Announced

Life Technologies Corporation has announced the commercial availability of the Applied Biosystems AutoMate Express Forensic DNA Extraction System, which is designed to streamline sample preparation and improve downstream DNA profile quality. The system, designed and validated as part of the complete Applied Biosystems human identification workflow to provide optimal efficiency and data quality, has already been adopted by all 48 government forensic laboratories in Japan.

Forensic casework samples are often difficult and time consuming specimens to process, because they are often limited in quantity and may have been exposed to environmental factors. Inefficiencies in sample preparation can lead to sample loss, re-processing or complicated data interpretation, which can slow the process of obtaining conclusive results.

The AutoMate Express System is designed to establish a solid foundation for the entire human identification workflow by meeting the key requirements of a forensic DNA extraction method: flexibility of input sample type and delivery of high quantity and quality DNA for use in downstream STR analysis on an integrated genetic analysis platform, such as the Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer.

The new benchtop extraction system uses the innovative PrepFiler LySep Column to allow laboratories to perform lysis and substrate separation in a single step and minimize the handling of forensic evidence. In addition, the system uses PrepFiler chemistry to maximize efficient recovery of high quality DNA from challenging forensic sample types, including hair, teeth, and bone. For example, a hair or bone sample may require eight hours to several days to process with present methods, as compared to approximately 70 minutes to 2.5 hours using the AutoMate Express protocols.

“We’re confident that DNA extracted on the AutoMate Express System will increase data quality for a wide range of forensic samples and facilitate improved downstream performance in the sample analysis workflow,” said Leonard Klevan, Ph.D., President of the Human Identification business at Life Technologies. “Now forensic scientists across the globe can fully utilize this new system from Life Technologies to integrate the complete human identification workflow solution from sample preparation through analysis, enabling an unmatched level of performance, efficiency and data quality.”

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