New Customized Weekly Ads Unveiled by Target

Target has announced that they plan to release  customizable online weekly ads that display the sales and deals each shopper wants the most. This new weekly design, known as “My TargetWeekly”, is a customized version of their already successful online weekly circular. More than 1.2 million visitors check the deals offered by the company each week.

Guests create custom lists and alerts to keep them updated on when their most purchased or favorite items feature a price cut. Coupons, the top 10 deals of the week, and mobile shopping lists can also be viewed from the weekly ad.

The company aims to simplify the shopping experience and make it more personal for their customers, according to Target President Steve Eastman. They are the only retailer offering a customizable weekly ad, and they hope it will give them an edge above their competition.

The “My TargetWeekly” application can also be accessed through the Target Facebook page. Guests can use this version of it to share their favorite products with friends and family members. This creates an intelligent recommendation engine that other users can access when deciding which item to purchase.

Target plans to release new capabilities and additional uses for this digital portal throughout the fall of 2010.

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