New Chicken Mini Sandwich Launched by Church’s Chicken

New Chicken Mini Sandwich Launched by Church's Chicken

New Chicken Mini Sandwich Launched by Church's Chicken

Popular restaurant chain Church’s Chicken has recently launched a new lunch or snacking value product named the Chicken Mini Sandwich. Aiming to add more portability to their menu, Church’s Chicken hopes that this new item will give consumers a great value without comprising quality. Local market testing proved successful, showing the company that the sandwich meets the needs of their customers in a new format.

The sandwich features a breast filet of all white meat on a toasted bun. Lettuce, original or spicy mayonnaise and a dill pickle slice top the sandwich. The Church’s Mini costs 89 cents each, or customers can purchase two for $1.49. This low price point makes it a good choice for a quality chicken lunch sandwich or as a snack between meals.

In-store, direct mail, outdoor billboards, radio and television ads are all being employed to advertise this new offering from the company. Commercials will feature Church’s recurring characters that include Doug, the restaurant team member, and his Manager. These two will demonstrate the value and quality of the sandwich, referred to as the Chicken Genius in the advertising, through their playful antics.

One :30 television ad will show Doug about to eat a new Mini Sandwich, while his Manager explains that the sandwich is Chicken Genius. As Doug lists the qualities of the sandwich, his Manager takes a bite of the sandwich. Another ad in Spanish has Doug standing behind the Church’s counter when a mother and son enter the restaurant. The son explains that his mother says she can beat the sandwich in her kitchen. When Doug explains the ingredients and the price of the sandwich, the mother gives in and orders one for her son. Other :15 ads will use “Moments of Chicken Genius” to demonstrate the portability, quality and value of this new product.

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