New Campaign to Promote the Benefits of Breakfast as School Year Nears

The national Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign is set to start a new promotion as the beginning of a new school year approaches.  A recent study by the Agricultural Research Service Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine found that 20% of children and 32% of teens were skipping breakfast.

The study also found that even of the breakfasts that were being eaten, many kids were simply grabbing a pastry or something from a drive-thru.  Of the meals that were eaten at home, less than 20% included milk.  The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the importance of breakfast.  Studies have shown that children who skip breakfast on a regular basis are more likely to have diets higher in sugar and fat, as well as weigh more than children who eat a balanced breakfast.

The milk campaign will also aim to reinforce the need to include milk with breakfast.  The campaign says that the easiest way to ensure that your child is getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need is by pouring a bowl of cereal in the morning and adding milk.  Other studies have shown that kids are less likely to ingest the recommended three servings of milk each day if they skip out on milk at breakfast.

Nutritionists advise that breakfast should provide about a third a child’s daily calories.  Additionally, they advise that as children head back to school, the need for a balanced breakfast is even more important because the nutrients derived from the meal, allow children to work at optimal levels throughout the school day.

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