New Alternative Horticultural School to Open Doors on Pot Growing Class

The Northeast is getting its first professional medical marijuana school.  The New England School of Alternative Horticultural Studies announced that starting in September of 2010, they will be offering a Basic Medical Marijuana training class in Warwick, RI.  The class will be the first professional training class of its kind in the northeastern U.S.

Rhode Island allows registered patients and caregivers to legally possess, and grow a certain number of plants for personal medical marijuana use.  The state requires that all plants be grown indoors.

While the school may be unique to the area, there are numerous schools of this type available in the western United States.  The school’s founder, Luis Hernandez, said the need for a school in the northeast was critical to allowing professional medical marijuana growers, and patients, to be able to afford the training they should have.

The new school will also donate at least 20% of all class proceeds directly to causes such as AIDS and Cancer research, marijuana law reform, and other charitable causes.  In order to allow low-income registered patients to afford the class, the school also offers special discounts.

One thing the school does have that others like it do not, is the incorporation of state law, electrical safety, ethics, confidentiality, and professional conduct as part of the curriculum.  Hernandez believes that as a professional training institute, the schools students should be versed on at least the basics of providing alternative medical services in a business setting.

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