Netbooks Expected to Sell 36 Million Units in 2010

Techaisle has released their latest report on expected Netbook growth and while the market is still hot, the report indicates that the group feels the initial burst of sales in 2009 will show a smaller growth curve than anticipated through 2011.  The 2010 market is still expected to experience a 13% growth rate over 2009 sales of the devices.

The research that Techaisle has done, shows that it expects Netbooks to be present in 5.3% of businesses and 1.8% of households by the end of 2010.  While many have predicted a much higher growth rate for the light and portable devices, Techaisle’s research continues to show that for the time being, Netbooks will continue to appeal more to niche markets than to mainstream computer users.

The group said they do anticipate the evolving Netbook to be an interesting product and could show substantial growth beginning in 2013.  However, the group says that until then the product will likely appeal to a smaller segment of the population than marketing campaigns have led consumers to believe. 

The most likely market for growth appears to be the small business market, specifically businesses that currently have no IT infrastructure in place.  The devices are inexpensive and give the basic functionality needed to run many business applications.  The group also said that the devices would continue to be popular among college students who are on the go and need an efficient and portable machine.

One market where there could be good growth is the overall business market.  While Techaisle does not believe Netbooks will replace traditional computers in the business sector anytime soon, they do see a move to add the cost efficient machines as portable devices that businesses will be able to take advantage of.  The group has also said that it appears the hungriest market for Netbooks can be found among European businesses.

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