Netanyahu Presents Building Freeze Package to Cabinet

Netanyahu Presents Building Freeze Package to Cabinet

Netanyahu Presents Building Freeze Package to Cabinet

The cards are in the works as tensions and speculation rise regarding the U.S., Israel and its 90 day settlement freeze moratorium.

The clamor regarding the freeze on the building of new settlements is just part of the overall picture of rising and continued tensions in the region.  Israel’s government is skeptical that the U.S. can maintain its hold against the growing critics of the state in regard to several matters including the recognition of a Palestinian state, the continued nuclear pursuits of Iran and of course the expansion of settlements into conflicting Palestinian territories.

The extension of the 90 day freeze offered up by the United States was packaged and presented by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to his cabinet on Sunday, November 14.

The package is the result of diplomatic dealings that were sorted out on Thursday of last week with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York City.

As Palestinian concerns about the package and resulting effects arise, Israel must find the proposals to cover her needs for security in the short and long term.

The main bump in the road for the Palestinians is the East Jerusalem territory as the Palestinians want it for establishing an official Palestinian State.  This recognition of an official Palestinian State has been a bone of contention for decades and the United States is rumored to be forced to recognize such.

The building freeze, which ran out in September of 2009, was luckily renegotiated before any mishaps occurred, and the renewed talks and implementation of strategies and agreements hold hope for future peaceful settling of the conflicted region.

Of course there are dissenters on both sides of the table and that includes Israeli leaders both civic and state, who are concerned about the freeze as they see the need for expansion of the settlements.  The Palestinians are on the edge as stated before regarding East Jerusalem and inbetween all this is what may happen with Iran.  The stepping is light as these issues must be addressed to the satisfaction of all and the Obama Administration clearly has its work still cut out for it.

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