NASA and Israel Space Agency to Form Partnership on Some Future Projects

Tuesday marked a new partnership between NASA and the Israel space program ISA.  In a meeting held at NASA Headquarters in Washington, the two parties agreed on future cooperation for scientific ventures.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and ISA Director Gen. Zvi Kaplan attended the meeting.  The two men put their signatures on a joint statement agreeing that the two space and exploration programs will work together in the future.  Both programs hope that the collaboration will help inspire new findings, as well as encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers. 

Discussions on the collaborative efforts began in January when Bolden visited Israel.  Immediately prior to the signing, a meeting was held between Bolden, Kaplan, and Israel’s minister of Science and Technology, Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.  The parties exchanged ideas as to how the two exploration units could team in the future.

The two space agencies will work together to identify projects they can work on in the fields of space science, life science, and space exploration.  NASA and the ISA will also team for other projects that both hold an interest in. 

The agreement comes at a time when space exploration has been pushed aside as both countries attempt to deal with the global financial crisis.  Budgets for both programs are likely to be impacted by the economic state of the respective countries.  The collaborations will not only make it possible to develop a partnership, but also help each reach discovery goals that may be financially unattainable individually.

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