More Violence as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Continue

More Violence as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Continue

More Violence as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Continue

A day after fighting erupted in Jerusalem, there was more violence for residents to be concerned with. 

On Thursday, a group of rock wielding youths clashed with Israeli police in east Jerusalem.  The group of youths began throwing rocks at police officials and setting fire to tires in the Issawiya district of Jerusalem.  Police employed the use of tear gas and water cannons to disperse the groups of young people.

Jerusalem police representatives have said that no casualties or arrests were made in connection with the incident.

The fighting came a day after Arab residents of the same neighborhood began stoning a security guard while sitting in his vehicle.  While under attack, the guard responded by opening fire on his attackers, killing one of them.  Witnesses to the incident said that at least two other Palestinians were injured while the guard was firing.  They also claim that many others suffered injury when police began firing rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of protesters in Silwan later in the day.

As Thursday evening went on, there continued to be reports of violent exchanges between stone-throwing protesters and security forces.

The outbreak of violence comes just days before a partial moratorium on settlement building along the Gaza strip is set to expire.  Once the current moratorium comes to and end at the end of the month, Israel would be free to return to settlement building in the disputed area.  The upcoming changes have threatened to put a halt to the recently re-opened peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

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