More of The Monkees as Band Celebrates 45 Years

More of The Monkees as Band Celebrates 45 Years

More of The Monkees as Band Celebrates 45 Years. Photo Credit: Dave Hogan.

The popular 1960’s pop band The Monkees will be making a live performance tour to celebrate the 45th anniversary of their band.

It was in 1966 in Los Angeles that the Monkees ground breaking music show and hit record singles took young Americans by storm. Many people who listened and watched the Monkees then still play their music on a regular basis so the band decided to celebrate the Monkees 45th birthday by giving their fans the gift of a concert tour, their first in more than ten years. The tour kicks off on the 3rd of June and finishes up on the 15th of July.

All three of the original Monkees – Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz – will be on the tour and are looking forward to it, they say. Jones says that they really want to share their music again to bring back the good times for the fans who still listen. Dolenz said he wants to rock and roll with his old buddies and Tork says that every tour is a lot of fun.

Tickets for the 45th anniversary tour will be on sale from March the 4th and Monkees fans can find tour dates and updated information at the web site

The band is planning to present a multi media extravaganza to help celebrate their legacy that will include live performances, recorded songs and videos and cuts taken from the cult Monkees movie, Head.

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