Mistakes Job Hunters Make in Interviews

Mistakes Job Hunters Make in Interviews

Mistakes Job Hunters Make in Interviews

We’ve all been there. We’ve all made errors in job interviews before that have led to us instantly think that we’ve blown it. But whatever mistakes you may have made, you can be sure there are other people out there who have done worse things than you.

Resume-Results.net reveals that many people make similar mistakes to other job candidates. While we’re not all guilty of the mistakes that crop up below, more than enough people are. So if you want to know what not to do during your next all important job interview, make sure you read through some of these errors.

Leave your cell phone alone!

It should be common sense to switch off your phone or at least put it on silent while you are in the middle of an interview. Double check you’ve done just that before you walk into the room and start. You are there to be interviewed so you shouldn’t be doing anything else.

Some managers and recruiters have actually had people answering their phones or texting someone else during an interview. Even if you wouldn’t go that far, you should make sure you have turned your cell phone off before you start the interview.

Make sure you actually answer the questions

Being too vague has cost a lot of people a chance at the job of their dreams. If an employer or interviewer asks you a question, they are asking it for a reason. This means you have to answer it, so make sure you don’t um and err and skirt around the issue without actually saying anything. You might think you’ve foxed them but you won’t have. Remember they’ve seen all these mistakes before.

Don’t be arrogant

Being self assured is one thing. Arrogance is quite another. Ensure you don’t spend the entire time sitting there singing your own praises. No one responds well to arrogance, so if you give off that vibe during an interview, you can virtually guarantee you won’t get the job.

Don’t wear the wrong thing

If you are going for an office job, make sure you wear a suit. If you are going for a job in a sports center, wear a tracksuit if that would be appropriate.

The key here is to find out what is expected beforehand. If in doubt you can always ring in advance and ask. If you are unable to do that for any reason, go for the smart option. There is nothing worse – and nothing more certain to kill your chances of getting the job – than the act of wearing jeans to an interview when everyone else is in a suit.

Be sensible, be smart and be sure not to make any obvious mistakes.

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