Millions of Pakistani Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help

Millions of Pakistani Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help

Millions of Pakistani Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help. Image source Horace Murray, U.S. Army.

The water in Pakistan is finally receding back into the ocean, and the reality of the devastation which has impacted countless Pakistani civilians is showing.  The world’s worst disaster has not only damaged thousands of homes, but also all of the belongings within them. 

Millions of Pakistani people are without shelter, in need of urgent medical help, and are suffering a severe shortage of food and clean drinking water.  Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), a major organization and a certified Non-Governmental Organization with the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy, has been providing assistance since the beginning of the flood in July 2010.  The organization has been giving relief services since the 2004 South East Asian Tsunami, however, when the flood happened in Pakistan, HHRD Rehab Centers and Orphan Programs were heavily impinged upon. 

Every week HHRD sends donation containers that have food, blankets, shoes, medical equipment and other every day necessities.  Over all, $4.5 million worth of aid has been sent to the millions of flood victims in Pakistan.  $1.9 million worth of those goods have been distributed to the victims, including over 2.4 million meals and $900,000 worth of medical equipment.  HHRD runs 13 medical camps and also sends out mobile clinics and ambulances.  The clinics open at sunrise and close at sunset with volunteer doctors working around the clock. 

Reports from the U.N. say that malaria, diarrhea, skin disease, and respiratory disorders are running rampant throughout Pakistan.  With that in mind, HHRD has established 8 additional field hospitals, which are medical treatment centers under large tents, with a plan of turning these fixtures into permanent medical dwellings for the millions of flood-affected Pakistani people. 

To donate please visit or call 1-888-808-4357 (HELP).

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