Microsoft to Launch Beta Phase of Internet Explorer 9 in San Francisco on September 15

September will mark the launch of the highly anticipated beta phase of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9.  The new web browser will be revealed in its beta format on September 15 in San Francisco.

The fourth “platform preview” of the new web browser was released only a week ago.  Since the beginning of March, Microsoft has released different “platform previews” of the browser, though they have lacked many of the modules users would use on a daily basis, such as bookmarks, search functions, and history.  In the week that it was released, the final “platform preview” was downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Microsoft has put in numerous man-hours in order to make the browser compatible with upcoming web standards such as HTML5, SVG, and CSS3.  The ability of the browser to handle new web standards will help increase user speed and ensure the web browser is compatible will all future websites. 

The company has been very secretive about the development of IE9, releasing very few details on the specific configuration and design of the software.  There has been much speculation as to what the browser will look like, and how fast it will perform.  One thing that is known is that it will be able to take advantage of current hardware’s graphics acceleration technology.  The ability to use the hardware’s technology is based on the most current version of Microsoft’s DirectX software.  Unfortunately, the only Windows 7 and Vista users will be able to take advantage of the technology.

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