McRib Returns to McDonald’s for Limited Time

McRib Returns to McDonald's for Limited Time

McRib Returns to McDonald's for Limited Time

Fans of the barbeque sauce and boneless pork patty known as the McRib are celebrating today. The McRib has become a limited edition menu item again across the country. The sandwich will disappear again from most menus on November 4th, so fans will only have two weeks to enjoy it. The McRib comes on a toasted bun and is topped with the chain’s signature sauce, pickles and onion slivers. Many people developed such a love for this sandwich that they have set up sites to help others find the few locations that regularly serve them.

2010 marked the first re-release of the McRib in over 16 years. This caused sales for the affected month to rise by nearly 5%. This has caused McDonald’s to release that another short-term McRib release would please both the company and the fans. The chain isn’t sure if they’ll make it a regular annual event, but they have recognized the requests and petitions for it to happen. To promote the limited-time release the company has also develop the “Quest for the Golden McRib” online game. Accessible through the McDonald’s Facebook page, players encounter Viking Accountants and Unicorns that love barbeque to capture the magical McRib sandwich.

10 Golden McRibs are hidden in various locations around the web. Players who find them will receive badges that they can display on their Facebook page and can compete with friends. There will also be a leader board displaying the top scores from across the country in real-time. The game will disappear from Facebook when the McRib goes away again in early November, so McRib fans need to enjoy both of them before they are gone. It could be months or years before the iconic barbeque sandwich is offered again at a national level by McDonald’s.

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