Main UN Committee Pressures UN HRC to End Separate Investigation into Gaza Flotilla Probe

On Tuesday August 10, a United Nations committee began its investigation into what happened leading up to an Israeli army raid on a flotilla bound for Gaza.  The raid left nine dead, and raised questions from the UN Security Council.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that the inquiry into the events surrounding the raid would begin in New York.  A second investigation was being planned by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to look into potential human rights violations.

As the investigation by the main UN council in New York was gearing to start, diplomats from around the world called for the Human Rights Council investigation to be called off.  The diplomats calling for the cancellation of the HRC investigation said that the council would only be setting itself up for humiliation if they chose to go ahead with their own flotilla probe.  The main UN council set up by Ban will have more authority and credibility the diplomats say.  Furthermore, continuing with the HRCs probe would only serve to reinforce the image of one-sidedness that the council has come to have.

Ban has faced increasing pressure as secretary general of the UN.  Many have called into question his management skills, and others have accused him of doing nothing to eradicate the organization of corruption.  Diplomats around the world have recently praised Ban’s assembling the committee he has for these hearings.  Many have said that the outcome of these hearings will go a long way towards Ban improving his reputation, and rehabilitating his image as the secretary general.

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