‘Here You Have’ Virus Spreading Through Email

Here You Have Virus Spreading Through Email

Here You Have Virus Spreading Through Email

A new virus threat spread rapidly across the globe on Thursday, infecting computers through  emails entitled “Here You Have”. The emails came in floods to the inboxes of workers for some of the biggest organizations in the world, including Wells Fargo, Proctor & Gamble, Disney, and even NASA and the Florida Department of Transportation. The volume and risk of the virus shut down email services all together for some companies.

The email contains a link to what appears to be a .pdf file hosted online, and a message indicating that the document was requested by the email user. Clicking on the link causes an instant download and installation of the worm, which shows no indications of being installed. It works to disable many of the most common anti-virus or spyware protection programs, and attempts to replicate itself and send out new emails to the user’s address book.

The virus also spreads through local networks, meaning that if one computer becomes infected in a workplace it quickly spreads to all other linked computers. Security experts from the leading antivirus software developers are recommending that anyone infected with the virus, or worried about becoming infected, disconnect from any local networks. Also, immediately run a virus check if you receive one of the emails, and do not open it. Deleting it without opening it should prevent your computer from downloading the virus.

Other variants of the virus are also popping up, according to the research being conducted by McAfee. The anti-virus programs are working to update their files to deal with this new threat, and most of the companies classify it as a low level threat. While it may not be overly destructive, users should still avoid becoming infected if possible due to the quick spread of the file from any infected computer.

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