Have a Coke, Some Media Buzz, and a Smile

Have a Coke, Some Media Buzz, and a Smile

Have a Coke, Some Media Buzz, and a Smile

A radio program in the public broadcasting system called This American Life has what they say is Coca–Cola’s original recipe. Researchers for the show discovered what seemed to be details of the iconic drinks makeup in a column in the newspaper the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, dated February 18th, 1979. The recipe for Coca-Cola is traditionally thought to be the best kept trade secret in the United States.

The shows writers then spoke with Mark Pendergrast, a historian who wrote a book on Coke that was published in 1993.While he was researching in the Coca-Cola company archives, Pendergrast came across a version of the famously secret recipe more than twenty years ago and published it in the book.  When the two recipes were compared they turned out to be almost identical.

Ira Glass is the host of the weekly radio program and he said that he felt it was amazing to make this discovery and when he found out the recipe had matched with a recipe from Coca-Cola’s own archives he was excited.

The full recipe was read by Glass on the radio broadcast of This American Life that is heard on more than 500 public radio stations with an audience of over 1.8 million people all over America and was also podcast to around 600,000 listeners nation wide.

The radio program is a production of the Chicago Public Media and the distributor for the show is Public Radio International. Press stories about the recipes discovery have been published both nationally and internationally and caused so much traffic This American Life’s website that it crashed.

Coca-Cola, of course, denies that the recipe is “the real thing”, but is most certainly giddy over the marketing boost.

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