Graphic Footage of London Suicide Bombing Carnage Shown at Inquest

Graphic Footage of London Suicide Bombing Carnage Shown at Inquest

Graphic Footage of London Suicide Bombing Carnage Shown at Inquest. Pictured: Royal Court of Justice, London.

An inquest into the events occurring directly after the four Muslim suicide bombers detonated their bombs in London tube cars is currently taking place at London’s Royal Court of Justice. The event, which occurred on July 7th, 2005, killed 52 commuters and injured many more. Families attending the inquest heard the details of the carnage that killed or injured their loved ones, as well as heroic stories of other passengers performing first aid. These people who offered first aid despite being surrounded by blood, injured and dead passengers and wreckage, saved many lives.

Silent video footage gathered from a police camera in the underground subway area was shown to those present at the inquest. This video was recorded later in the day after the bombings and shows the damage done to the subway cars and double-decker bus from the homemade explosives. The ceilings and doors of the subway cars are blown open and crushed. The video shows large amounts of blood spread around the destroyed cars, but was carefully edited to avoid shots of any deceased passengers to avoid upsetting family members at the inquest.

This inquest is expected to last five months, and will help determine if intelligence services could have prevented the attack. The response time and reactions of emergency services will also be examined. The Royal Court of Justice hopes that by understanding what information was available before the bombs were deployed, intelligence services and police will be able to prevent another tragedy from occurring. Inquests held by the British court system are designed to find new information when people are killed in unusual or violent circumstances. The senior coroner of the court will examine each victim’s body carefully to gather as much information as possible as to their cause of death.

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