Former New York Mayor Giuliani Opposes Proposed Mosque near Ground Zero

Proposed Ground Zero Mosque

Former New York Mayor Giuliani recently continued his criticism of the proposed Islamic cultural center and mosque to be built just blocks away from where the World Trade Center buildings once stood.  Giuliani said that the mosque would be offensive to the families of 9/11 victims being built so close to where the tragedy took place in 2001.

Giuliani made it clear that he did not dispute the fact that the center had the right to be built where it has been planned, though he does believe it is in poor taste.  The former Mayor has previously stated that building the mosque that close to “ground zero” would be a desecration.  Giuliani has also voiced his opinion about the imam running the Islamic center, Feisal Abdul Rauf.  Giuliani said that he was suspicious of the imam’s views, and was worried about how the group was going to finance the nearly $100 million project.

Governor David Patterson proposed a compromise to the developers of the site that would let them build on state-owned property, provided that the center is far away from ground zero.  Though the idea of a compromise has been widely speculated, it appears that the developers have no intention of building elsewhere.

Current city Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly disagrees with Giuliani’s views on the project.  He has defended the project, which he says falls under the protection of religious freedom.  Another former Mayor, Edward Koch, said that while he believes the current building site would be “insensitive”, but he agrees that Muslims are protected, and given the right to build where they choose by the Constitution.

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