Flight 93 National Memorial Needs Funds for Completion

Flight 93 National Memorial Needs Funds for Completion

Flight 93 National Memorial Needs Funds for Completion. Photo by Chuck Wagner.

While Osama Bin Laden may have finally been found and killed, the tragedy of 9/11 still deserves national remembrance. The National Park Foundation, in partnership with the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign, is calling for citizens to donate for the creation of a new memorial.

The 10th anniversary of September 11th will occur later this year. On that day nearly 10 years ago, the passengers on United Flight 93 stood up and fought back against the hijackers and managed to divert the plane.  The new Flight 93 Memorial will pay respect and honor the 40 passengers and airplane crew members that died while disrupting the plane’s intended course. New York’s 9/11 memorial received full funding, as well as a large memorial built at the Pentagon. Flight 93 eventually crashed outside Shanksville, PA but no national memorial has been built yet. The Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign is still collecting donations to finish the memorial and needs approximately $15 million more.

The permanent memorial has already received $45 million of the $60 million needed for its construction. Once completed, it will be the only National Monument to celebrate the heroism of the Flight 93 passengers. Flight 93 was scheduled to depart for San Francisco, but passengers learned about the other two crashes in New York City while the plane was over Ohio. The 9/11 Commission determined that the plane was likely being diverted to the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The passengers decided to fight their hijackers and managed to bring the plane down in rural Pennsylvania where no one on the ground was injured. In doing so, the passengers and crew may have prevented one of the most damaging terrorist attacks to happen on American soil.

Citizen who are interested in helping fund the memorial can text “MEMORIAL” to number 90999 to donate $10 that will be added to their next cell phone bill. You can also visit the campaign website to donate at www.honorflight93.org.

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