“Fatal Attractions” Returns to Animal Planet in October

"Fatal Attractions" Returns to Animal Planet in October

"Fatal Attractions" Returns to Animal Planet in October

All across the country, at this very moment, large and dangerous wild animals are being kept in small homes and apartments as pets. Their keepers often have romantic or unrealistic ideas about the danger, believing the animals love them enough not to harm them. Unfortunately, this is not usually true, resulting in tragedy.

Antoine Yates shared his tiny apartment in New York City with a lion and a tiger. Although they may have been friendly and cute as cubs, once they reached full size it wasn’t long before his pet tiger mauled him in his own home, nearly killing him.

Despite the danger, Antoine Yates hopes that he’ll be able to see and keep the tiger again. Animal Planet’s hit series, Fatal Attractions, brings these stories to television sets again beginning October 8th at  9 pm ET. Viewers may think that these stories are urban legends or fables, but they are true life cautionary tales about the dangers of large wild animals.

While some animal keepers manage to raise wild animals with the right care and respect, most believe that their love and care are turning a wild animal into a pet. Donna Munson shared her home with a multitude of animals, including black bears that she believed she had turned into domestic animals. But even the best care will not remove the predatory or defense instincts of wild animals, and in an instant the animal keeper can become the target of these instincts. Donna Munson was killed by the animals she believed to be pets when she was caught between an adult and a cub.

For more exciting and shocking tales of animal keepers who underestimate the power and ferocity of their wild pets, tune in to Fatal Attractions on the Animal Planet Channel.

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