Diners Show Restaurants Some Love on Valentine’s Day

Diners Show Restaurants Some Love on Valentine's Day

Diners Show Restaurants Some Love on Valentine's Day

Seventy million people in the United States will hold their Valentine’s Day celebrations this year in a restaurant, says a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association. Findings from the new poll indicate that around 31 percent, or almost a third, of American consumers plan on going out to dine on February the 14th.

Sharing a tasty meal at a good restaurant is a romantic way to celebrate the holiday and many millions of people in America are planning to do so, says a spokesman for the National Restaurant Group’s Research and Knowledge Group. The three most important things that make consumers choose a particular restaurant for their romantic Valentine’s meal are the familiarity of the eatery, special menu selections and, of course, a romantic setting.

Younger couples are a bit more likely to prefer eating their special meal out than those older than them. The survey results showed that in the 18 to 34 year old group 33 percent were going out and in the 35 to 44 year old group 39 percent of people surveyed were planning on dining out on Valentines Day. In the demographic group of those older than 55 only 27 percent planned on a romantic evening out.

When asked what kind of factors influenced their choice of dining location for this romantic dinner, most of the respondents, 42 percent, say that they choose the favorite restaurant of one of the people dining. A romantic atmosphere was preferred by 21 percent of Valentine diners.

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