Digital Shopping To Keep Many Retailers Afloat Through The Holidays

Shopping options from a plethora of online and mobile services will keep gift shoppers spending this year without ruining their budgets, according to new information gathered by the 26th annual survey for holiday consumer spending by Deloitte. 48 percent of consumers responded that they plan to shop online for gifts this year. This is a drastic 13 percent increase over the amount of online shopping that took place last year. This bumps online retailers and e-commerce stores to the number 1 position for this season. Discount stores are tied in popularity with online shopping.

In the past few years young shoppers were far more likely to buy online, but now older adults are getting in on the game as well. The amount of people planning internet shopping that are above 45 years old is only 2 percent lower than those between 18 and 24. These greatly increased rates of online shopping will help many retailers push out of the stagnation that economic troubles have left them in this year. E-commerce offers so many benefits to the customer, include convenience, a wider selection and better availability. It also helps retailers cut costs, enabling them to give greater discounts.

70 percent of shoppers are looking for retailers who offer free shipping, while 44 percent are using social media websites to help find discounts and share gift ideas. Half of the survey respondents will look for reviews and ask for opinions through social networking, while another half will communicate with gift givers to deliver lists of favored presents. Shoppers with annual incomes over $100,000 will be using the Internet the most this holiday season, with high rates for both shopping and research. Nearly half of consumers falling into this income bracket will use a smart phone or other device while in a store to find more information or to quickly compare prices.

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