Diet Programs Rated: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers

Diet Programs Rated: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers

Diet Programs Rated: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers

Consumer Reports weighs in on the multimillion dollar diet industry with a report that gives people an in depth look at what makes the main diet programs in the United States work. This side by side reference guide will help consumer dieters make a better choice on which diet program they should use.

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers were both profiled and rated. The Jenny Craig diet plan offers dieters a portion controlled precooked food that is delivered directly to the their door. The diet plan also allows for home cooked sides to go with the main course. Jenny Craig also offers extensive counseling for its members.

Weight Watchers uses an easy to follow points based system that allows you to track your food intake. They also offer thousands of recipes, counseling and helpful weight loss exercises and tools.

Jenny Craig has been rated the winner by beating out Weight Watchers by almost 30 points. Jenny Craig received a ratings score of 85, while Weight Watchers racked up 57 points.

Their ratings were based on several factors which included clinical trials, short term and long term drop out rates, and guidelines imposed by the 2010 US Dietary Guides for Americans.

Three very important pieces of information were also reviewed in this report.

Low Carb Intake

A diet that is high in carbs can lead to weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Be eating foods that are low in carbs, you can bring down blood insulin levels. This will allow your body to burn more fat and consume less calories.


It has been known for quite some time that by burning more calories than your body can take in, will help with weight loss. Evidence in this report has shown that some calories are more filling than others.  Calories from fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, and foods that are high in protein have been proven to keep you hungry for longer periods of time.


Support is critical to successful weight loss and Jenny Craig includes weekly counseling sessions as part of their program.

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