Denny’s Launches Celebrity Web Series

Denny's Launches Celebrity Web Series

Denny's Launches Celebrity Web Series

One of the most popular family restaurants in the United States, Denny’s, has launched a web series called Always Open that will feature a wide array of Hollywood celebrities.

The show is a joint venture with Ben Silverman’s Electus multimedia studio and Will Arnett and Jason Bateman’s DumbDumb production studio.  The show will extend Denny’s recent campaign by helping more people understand the welcoming and warm experience that Denny’s provides.

The host of the new show will be David Koechner, a well known comedic actor who has appeared in The Office, Saturday Night Live and Anchorman.

The first episode features Koechner with Jason Bateman seated in a booth at Denny’s. Appearing in future episodes will be stars like Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, Will Arnett, Kristin Bell and Amy Poehler.

All of the series episodes are filmed live in a real Denny’s restaurant. Koechner will host the celebrity comedians for a no holds barred interview of three minutes duration. Everyone in the restaurant; employees, diners and the guests on the show will be interacting in a spontaneous and entertaining environment to provide humorous content.

The Always Open show will be available on, Denny’ and as well as on Facebook, YouTube and a variety of social network platforms.

Denny’s has operated for over 50 years as a get together place for friends to meet and as a family restaurant with good food and affordable prices. The show will allow new customers to see the Denny’s experience.

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