Concern Over Job Search Confidentiality On The Rise

Americans share more of their personal lives than ever with the use of social networks, blogs and other online services. However, they remain concerned about their privacy when it comes to the job search. 88% of people polled by agreed that their privacy was very important to them in a survey devised by Wakefield Research. Job seekers are concerned that their personal information or the fact that they are looking for another job will be made available to people that they don’t want knowing.  Many people aren’t taking the care necessary to ensure that their applications stay private as well.

The survey responses showed that nearly 40% of people don’t try to check the security or privacy settings of a company’s website or a job board before submitting information like a resume. 76% think that there is no way to make the search more private, but this isn’t true. Using websites that offer secure connections when transmitting sensitive data like birth dates or addresses prevents identity theft. Sticking to websites that care about consumer privacy also helps, which is why TheLadders designed their job application system to protect the user.

55% of surveyed adults would rather keep their resume private so coworkers didn’t see it than get the maximum exposure to potential employers. If a coworker did find it, over 30% of people would immediately take it down from any websites it was posted on. Another 30% would rather have coworkers discover an office romance than their job search details. Half of people under 35 have been keeping their details safe by turning down connections to recruiters on networks where their coworkers can see the connection. Men tend to be more cautious and willing to remove information than women with a 10% gap between the two.

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