Complete Rocky & Bullwinkle Series Now on DVD

Complete Rocky & Bullwinkle Series Now on DVD

Complete Rocky & Bullwinkle Series Now on DVD

“Hey, Rocky!  Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”

Bullwinkle Studios and Classic Media have just released the DVD box set Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: The Complete Series. Classic Media is a world wide media company with a large portfolio of very popular family entertainment brands.

The Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends series is the first collection of all 163 Bullwinkle episodes ever to be assembled in one complete set. Some of the many popular episodes that can be found in the complete DVD set include Peabody’s Improbable History, Fractured Fairy Tales, and many more.

The DVD collection also contains a number of special features including a hilariously funny outtake feature, and interview with the voice of Rocky (June Foray), and many others. Also, there are a number of added bonuses that can be found within the DVD set including Frostbite Falls Field Guide to a Moose, a Squirrel and a Royal Canadian Mountie, and a Loyal Viewer award.

The Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends show is said to possibly be one of the best and most original shows in history. Critics rave at how well the Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends incorporates humor into the every day depiction of the United States government, Russian spies, influential world leaders and officials, celebrities, and more.

Tiffany Ward, who is the daughter of the late Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends producer Jay Ward, is quoted as saying “My Dad would be ecstatic with the release of the Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends : The Complete Series box set.” She also goes on to state that he would have certainly agreed that it is the perfect opportunity to corrupt a new generation of TV viewers.

Classic Media, is extremely excited about the release of the Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends DVD collection and is even more thrilled about the many different added features that it contains.

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