Competition Tough on Upcoming ‘Iron Chef’

Competition Tough on Upcoming 'Iron Chef'

Competition Tough on Upcoming 'Iron Chef'

Ten accomplished and experienced chefs from around the country will test their skills to battle for entrance in the restaurant industry’s most selective culinary society when “The Next Iron Chef” premieres this October.  Alton Brown, the popular host of Good Eats, will host this season’s episodes.

Some of the 10 contestants featured on this season include: Celina Tio (Owner & Chef of Kansas City’s Julian), Marc Forgione (Chef & Owner of New York’s Marc Forgione), Marco Canora (Owner & Chef of Terroir, Terroir TriBeca, and Hearth in New York), Maneet Chauhan (Head Chef at Vermillion in New York and Chicago), Mario Pagán (Chef & Owner of Chayote and Lemongrass, in Puerto Rico), and Duskie Estes (Chef & Owner of Zazu Restaurant + Farm, Bovolo, and Black Pig Meat Co., in Sonoma County, Calif.).

Eight grueling challenges will narrow down the contestants, until the final showdown in the Iron Chef Kitchen Stadium. Competitions will include turning inexpensive carnival food into a high class meal and catching the secret ingredient for one challenge themselves. The contestants will be judged by Iron Chef Micheal Symon, food writer Simon Majumdar, and cookbook author and restaurateur Donatella Arpaia. The final two contestants will battle during the season finale, and the winner will become a member of the Iron Chef society that boasts members like Masaharu Morimoto and Jose Garces.

The show will air on the Food Network on Sundays at 9pm ET. The show’s finale will take place on November 21st.

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