Cuba Introduces New Self-Employment Opportunities And Taxes

On Monday, Cuba released a short two-page introduction to the wide sweeping tax reforms the country plans to implement.  After laying off over half a million government and state workers the country will introduce a tax system for the expected influx of newly self-employed persons.  The goal of the country’s plan is to turn many […]

Graphic Footage of London Suicide Bombing Carnage Shown at Inquest

An inquest into the events occurring directly after the four Muslim suicide bombers detonated their bombs in London tube cars is currently taking place at London’s Royal Court of Justice. The event, which occurred on July 7th, 2005, killed 52 commuters and injured many more. Families attending the inquest heard the details of the carnage […]

Millions of Pakistani Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help

The water in Pakistan is finally receding back into the ocean, and the reality of the devastation which has impacted countless Pakistani civilians is showing.  The world’s worst disaster has not only damaged thousands of homes, but also all of the belongings within them.  Millions of Pakistani people are without shelter, in need of urgent medical […]

House of Representatives Passes Resolution Calling for End to Religious Artifact Destruction in Cyprus

The U.S. House of Representatives has adopted a resolution that calls for the protection of religious sites in Turkish-occupied regions of Cyprus.  The bipartisan resolution was adopted unanimously last week. The resolution is in response to the looting, damage, and violence that has continued to occur in The Republic of Cyprus as it celebrates its […]

Bin Laden Releases New Recordings over Weekend

Osama bin Laden made an appearance over the weekend, releasing two new audio recordings on Friday on Saturday calling for more help for the flood victims in Pakistan.  In the messages, bin Laden talked very little about his problems with his Western enemies, which are usually prominent features in the terrorist leader’s recordings.  Instead, bin […]

More Violence as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Continue

A day after fighting erupted in Jerusalem, there was more violence for residents to be concerned with.  On Thursday, a group of rock wielding youths clashed with Israeli police in east Jerusalem.  The group of youths began throwing rocks at police officials and setting fire to tires in the Issawiya district of Jerusalem.  Police employed […]

U.S. Continues to Increase Aid for Pakistan Flood Relief

As the floods in Pakistan continue to disrupt the country and the safety of Pakistani citizens, the United States is continuing to provide financial assistance to the recovery efforts in the country.  The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced that an additional $75 million would be donated to the United Nations World Food […]

Pope Offers Apology for Church Sex Abuse and Presides Over Beatification While In England

While in England, Pope Benedict XVI held a private meeting with victims of abuse by Catholic priests and other religious people.  The pope assured those he met with that the Church is doing what they can to bring justice to members of the church accused of the atrocious acts. The Pope expressed “deep sorrow and […]

Mexico Celebrates Independence Day amid Fear of Violence

Wednesday marked the 200th anniversary celebration of Mexico’s independence and the thing citizens wished for most was a day free of violence.  As the drug wars continue to ravage the country, government officials and citizens across Mexico hoped that the many celebrations and parades would occur without any of the bloodshed that has continued for […]

France Passes Burqa Ban For All Citizens and Tourists

The French Senate has almost unanimously passed a bill to impose fines on women in France wearing a full face covering veil, such as the Islamic burqa and nijab. This ban extends to tourists as well as citizens, making many moderate Islamic countries respond with criticism. Countries like Jordan and Malaysia have Islam as their […]

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