Saving the World’s Smallest and Rarest Marine Dolphins

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is asking people to join a new online campaign urging the New Zealand Prime Minister to stop the extinction of Maui’s dolphins – the smallest and rarest marine dolphins in the world. New research released earlier this year estimated there are now just 55 critically endangered Maui’s dolphins over the age […]

Wildlife Groups Seek Protection of African Lions

A petition has been filed to ask the Department of Interior in the United States to certify African lions as being endangered under provisions provided in the Endangered Species Act. The petition was the work of a disparate group of wildlife protection organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, the International Fund for […]

Holocaust Era Restitution Project Launched

A new project has been announced that will attempt to identify and give restitution to Holocaust victims that had all of their assets confiscated by Nazi officials in the years leading up to and including the Second World War. The Jewish Agency for Israel initiated the project with full support from the Israeli government. The project […]

Research Shows Birds Around Chernobyl Have Smaller Brains

A research study carried out by a scientist from the University of South Carolina has discovered that birds residing near the nuclear accident site at Chernobyl have brains that are, on average, five percent smaller than normal. It has been twenty five years since the reactor meltdown at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl but […]

Dangerous Destinations Identified for Business Travelers

During a recent invitational webinar survey on business travel safety many travel managers, medical professionals, corporate security executives and human resources professionals gave their opinions on the safety risk to people traveling on business during 2011. More than 40 percent of these experts said that Latin America posed the most serious safety risk while 31 […]

One Year Later, Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts Still Needed

The NGO alliance InterAction claims that in order to speed up the process of cleaning up from the damage and destruction created in Haiti one year ago, there has to be ongoing financial commitment from international donors and sponsors. So far the clean up process has been slow to say the least, and the need […]

South Korea – U.S. Engage in Military Exercises Days after Attacks by North Korea

Just a week after North Korea initiated an artillery attack on South Korea that left four South Koreans dead, the United States and South Korea were once again engaged in joint naval exercises just off the North Korean coast.  On Wednesday, South Korea’s intelligence agency warned that more attacks from North Korea were likely, partly […]

Netanyahu Presents Building Freeze Package to Cabinet

The cards are in the works as tensions and speculation rise regarding the U.S., Israel and its 90 day settlement freeze moratorium. The clamor regarding the freeze on the building of new settlements is just part of the overall picture of rising and continued tensions in the region.  Israel’s government is skeptical that the U.S. […]

Violence Increasing In Iraq As Government Still Unsettled

On Tuesday, attacks by militants in Baghdad led to the death of at least 113 people in Shiite neighborhoods throughout the city.  The latest attacks are an extension of recent violent assaults by the Sunni Arab militant group Al Qaida in Iraq.  It appears the group is attempting to restart a sectarian war between the […]

Red Cross Battles Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

An outbreak of Cholera in Haiti has the Red Cross ramping up efforts to contain and prevent the illness from becoming a widespread atrocity.  As of Sunday, the outbreak has resulted in more than 3,000 confirmed cases and more than 250 deaths in the Artibonite River Valley region of the island nation. The resurgence of […]

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