Mobile Food Pantries to Help Feed Hungry Across America

The country’s largest organization dedicated to hunger relief, Feeding America, will soon be driving out their new mobile food pantry fleet and increasing their support of other hunger relief efforts. The mobile fleet is being developed with the help of a $5 million donation made by the Idol Gives Back Foundation. The ten food trucks […]

Birth Rate among Teen Mothers Dropped in 2010

The teen birth rate among U.S. girls has dropped by 9% during 2010, bringing it to the lowest level ever recorded. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released this data as part of their program for the National Center for Health Statistics. This was the biggest decline in a one year time span since […]

Homicide Rate Reaches a 40 Year Low

The homicide rate in America dropped to a rate of 4.8 homicides for each 100,000 residents during 2010. This is the lowest level recorded in 40 years according to the research released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics recently. Most of the decline occurred around and in the biggest cities in the country. Cities with […]

New Fuel Standards May Help Save Consumers Money

Details of the new fuel economy standards have been released by the White House. The government is working on the rules to help lower the pollution created by cars and light-duty trucks and to help consumers save money at the fuel pump. The standards would require new vehicles to be capable of a 54.5 miles […]

National Adoption Day to Help Foster Children Find Homes

Thousands of unique families across the country will be celebrating the weekend before Thanksgiving as National Adoption Day takes place. This year it falls on November 19th, and it is held on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving each year. On this day foster families, courts and community programs work together to help thousands of children […]

Pizza X Raises Over $42,000 for Slain Pizza Delivery Driver

The 22 year old pizza delivery driverĀ  Adam Sarnecki was shot on November 3rd as he confronted someone breaking into a vehicle behind the Pizza X restaurant that employed him as a delivery driver. He died in surgery as they attempted to repair the damage from the bullet. Following this tragedy, the community of Bloomington, […]

First Month Of Driving Remains The Most Dangerous For Teens

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released a new study showing that teen drivers have the highest risk for crashes during their first month on the road. This drops by 50% once they have a year of experience. A number of teen drivers in North Carolina had their driving patterns and crashes analyzed. Three […]

Majority of Senators Sponsoring Bill to Give National Guard More Input

New legislation that aims to allow the National Guard more of a voice in resource allocation decisions held in the Pentagon now has 52 senators supporting it as sponsors. The bill was first introduced by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy in May. S. 1025, also known as the National Guard Empowerment […]

Rising Child Poverty Could Increase Future Crime Rates

As the number of children living in poverty rises, national law enforcement groups are worried that crime rates will rise as these children become adults. A group comprised of over 5,000 prosecutors, police chiefs and sheriffs from all over the country known as Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, are pushing for programs to help these […]

Nearly 50 Million Americans Suffer From Food Insecurity

For the third year in a row, about 1 in 6 people in America are living in a home where food acquisition is a challenge. These homes are known as food insecure households according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 49 million people, including 16 million children, face hunger on a daily or […]

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