Simple Ways to Improve Personal Finances

As more Americans make strides towards responsible spending and debt management, there are still ways to improve the control of family finances. According to a survey recently conducted by Bank of America, which asked respondents about their credit card usage, balance and rewards, less than half of cardholders always pay their entire credit card balance. […]

Grandparents: Protect Your Grandchildren From Accidental Medication Overdoses

Grandparents know children are curious and do everything possible to keep them safe as they explore. Grandparents love when their grandchildren come to visit, but they do not always remember to take extra precautions to put their medicines and vitamins up and away and out of sight before their grandkids arrive. In fact, in a […]

Mapping the End Times: An Interview with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Arnold Fruchtenbaum was born to Jewish parents in 1943. When he was only four, his family had to flee Russia due to false accusations of spying for the Nazi Party. While living in Germany, Arnold had a religious epiphany at age 13 and began to feel that Jesus was the Messiah of the Jewish people […]

Drinking Coffee May Lead to Lower Risk of Stroke

People who have a caffeine craving can now go about drinking their coffee with a bit less apprehension about how it will affect their health after a new research study from Sweden shows that drinking coffee may lessen the risk of suffering a stroke. The research has been published in the medical periodical, “Stroke: the […]

Cyberbullying: The Hate, Torment and Death Virus

Bullies now use social networks, cell phone text messaging, and other online services to torment fellow students. Experts are calling it cyberbullying, and it may be more dangerous than previously thought.

Hoarders: Secrets Hidden Behind Closed Doors

There’s a secret hiding behind the doors of residents across North America, and it is often causes a high risk for fires, pests and even disease. Some homes in America and Canada are so full of random items and trash that the front won’t open and bedrooms and kitchens are inaccessible. Rotting food is trapped […]

How To Train Your Dragon Coming to Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has announced its plans to turn the DreamWorks Animation feature film How To Train Your Dragon, into a weekly series starting in 2012.  The announcement comes after the film, which depicts a story about a young Viking named Hiccup and his uncommon friendship with a dragon called Toothless, grossed nearly $500 million in […]

Iran Says it is Within Their Right to Ban Certain UN Inspectors

On Tuesday, Iran said that they have the right to ban certain UN inspectors from entering the country.  The latest controversy surrounding the Iranian nuclear program comes after the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) released a report that claimed Iran has made it difficult for the UN to monitor their nuclear program by not allowing […]

President Unveils New Stimulus Plan on Labor Day

On Labor Day, President Barak Obama revealed his new economic stimulus package, and the primary focus was rebuilding the lagging American infrastructure.  The administration is proposing what amounts to a $50 billion stimulus to build and repair infrastructure around the country.  The President gave his speech while attending a Labor Day event in Milwaukee. President […]

U.S. Responding to Pakistan Floods with Over $215 Million Thus Far

In the wake of the devastating floods that ravaged Pakistan beginning on July 29, the United States acted swiftly and generously in assisting the nation in any way possible.  One of the biggest contributions has come in the form of spending $167 million on the immediate response and relief efforts following the floods.  There is […]

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