Employee engagement is the secret for small businesses to stay productive and make money

(BPT) – One of the biggest worries for a small business owner is training and investing in quality employees and then losing them to a larger company – potentially a competitor – that might be able to offer larger salaries or better benefits. It might look like a no-win scenario for a small business to […]

When freedom rings: top tips to help launch your own business

(BPT) – With summer bringing the celebration of our country’s freedom and a bit more flexibility in our hectic schedules, it’s also a time to reflect on the American dream: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For many Americans, that means seeking success and prosperity by building their own business. Approximately 15 million people […]

Expert help – not low prices – key to higher sales, more satisfied customers

(BPT) – Online comparison shopping has left you overwhelmed by options and contradictory reviews, and all you need is a little in-person guidance to choose the right product for your needs. At the store, you find a sales floor so deserted, you almost expect to see tumbleweeds rolling by. When you finally do get help, […]

The self-employment surge and how professionals can best prepare

(BPT) – One in two American workers are projected to be self-employed by 2020, according to MBO Partners. While the shifting economy has surely pushed some people into independent work, many have chosen it. Career goals for contemporary professionals are changing and given how quickly this trend is taking hold in the United States, today’s […]

Smart ways for small business owners to spend their cash this spring

(BPT) – Tax season is a headache for most people, and small business owners are no exception. In fact, nearly six out of 10 small business owners in America say taxes are one of the top factors affecting their success, according to the Bank of America Small Business Owner Report. Yet the potential of a […]

Small business 101: What you may not know about your credit card processor

(BPT) – Small businesses comprise approximately 50 percent of the total working U.S. population. In 2011, non-employer small businesses alone generated $989.6 billion total revenues, according to Business Insider. Small businesses are vital to a thriving local community, a successful national economy and credited with establishing an overarching entrepreneurial spirit. So is the American dream. […]

Building your professional brand

(BPT)  Personal branding is an elusive topic to most people, yet it is important for career success. Wise professionals with career success know it can mean the difference between landing that dream job and never getting noticed. So what do you think of when you hear the word “professional brand?” Simply stated, a brand is […]

The new world of business computers

(BPT) – Choice is great, right? It sure is, except when the options leave your head spinning. Businesses have a lot to consider when purchasing computers these days with touch screen laptops, Chromebooks, Windows 8 vs. Windows 7, and choosing between desktop computers, laptops and even tablets. This may be the post-PC era, but if […]

How using outdated technology can impact the reputation of a small business

(BPT) – Smart business owners know how important it is to preserve their company’s reputation, but many may not realize the extent to which their current and potential customers care about the technology they use. According to a recent survey, more than 90 percent of consumers said they would – or would consider – taking […]

Top apps help keep small-business owners efficient and on the go

(BPT) – With all the buzz surrounding business use of “cloud computing,” you might think the concept of conducting business anywhere – on the road, in the board room, on a soccer field or in the gym – was a new one. But small-business owners (SBOs) have been working on the go for decades. The […]

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