Survey Shows Black Friday Still Draws Consumers

As Thanksgiving draws year, thousands of shoppers are getting excited for Black Friday, the day after the holiday celebrations. This has become America’s biggest shopping day due to the beginning of the winter holiday shopping season. PriceGrabber, an Experian branch, has surveyed consumers about their feelings towards Black Friday deals for the second winter season […]

Postal Service Reports $5.1 Billion Loss for 2011

The U.S. Postal Service closed the 2011 fiscal year, which ended in September, with a $5.1 billion net loss. This loss would have been over $10 billion except for legislation that put off the mandated payment that the service must soon make into the retiree health benefits fund to cover current workers. The mail volume […]

Digital Shopping To Keep Many Retailers Afloat Through The Holidays

Shopping options from a plethora of online and mobile services will keep gift shoppers spending this year without ruining their budgets, according to new information gathered by the 26th annual survey for holiday consumer spending by Deloitte. 48 percent of consumers responded that they plan to shop online for gifts this year. This is a […]

Concern Over Job Search Confidentiality On The Rise

Americans share more of their personal lives than ever with the use of social networks, blogs and other online services. However, they remain concerned about their privacy when it comes to the job search. 88% of people polled by agreed that their privacy was very important to them in a survey devised by Wakefield […]

Improving Unemployment Figures Fail To Lift Financial Mood

The Consumer Report Index for November shows that the overall financial health of consumers is slowly improving, but some setbacks will make the holiday shopping season challenging. Employment is slowly but steadily growing again. New jobs outpaced the loss of employment slightly this month. Unfortunately, consumers sentiment and trusts is falling again, hitting 45.0 after […]

Credit Unions Receiving Big Business As Consumers Move Their Money

As banks raise their fees, over 500,000 consumers have been moving their monetary accounts to credit unions in the last month. Billions of dollars of savings and checking account balances have been transferred according to the Credit Union National Association. This is the country’s biggest advocacy group for the credit union industry. CUNA surveyed over […]

Consumer Reports Shows That Consumers Expect To Spend Less This Holiday Season

About 200 million consumers will engage in gift shopping this holiday season, according to the new Holiday Shopping Poll from Consumer Reports. Optimism for happiness this holiday season is at 33%, which is slightly lower than the 40% reporting expectations of happiness last year. This lowered level of optimism will affect their spending on travel […]

Online And Mobile Shopping To Grow This Holiday Season

As the holiday shopping begins in earnest, Experian’s PriceGrabber has released information from its recent shopping survey. The survey tracked the methods that consumers will be using this year to make gift purchases. 90% of respondents said that they will shop online on a computer, which is a 1% over the rate in 2010. Shopping […]

New Research Shows Complaining Online Actually Helps

Before email and message boards lead to the creation of the modern Internet system, consumers could only complain to loved ones or a customer service representative. International review sites, personal blogs and social networking allows consumers to complain and praise the companies they come in contact with very quickly and easily. Research from Dr. David […]

Starbucks to Launch New Blonde Roast

Starbucks Coffee Company made a five-city wide press conference to announce the release of their new Blonde Roast. This roast profile was developed using the 40 years of experience that the company has in finding the best coffee in the world and roasting it perfectly. Starbucks first realized how much larger their customer base could […]

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