Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Launch New Loyalty Rewards App

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Launch New Loyalty Rewards App

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Launch New Loyalty Rewards App

Happy Star Rewards is a GPS-enabled mobile application that acts as a technologically advanced loyalty program launched recently by CKE Restaurants Inc., the company that owns Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s restaurants. Users are rewarded by checking in at any Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr locations around the United States with their iPhone or Android based smart phone. Location check-in technology has been used for a variety of competition and work related purposes, but this is the first mobile device check-in reward program in the fast food industry.

Punch-card loyalty programs were once popular, but rampant cheating and misuse led most fast food companies to shut down these programs in the past 10 years. However, the Happy Star Rewards program uses GPS technology to verify that a customer is actually at a participating restaurant and prevents abuse. The application also combines special rewards that can be redeemed from the device, a restaurant locator, streaming videos, nutritional information and a social media interface.

Regular visitors to Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr stores can quickly build up rewards by simply checking in at any restaurant they visit. The application can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. At the first check-in, and at each fourth check-in after that, the user earns the right to spin the Wheel of Awesome. This pre-existing rewards application awards users with discounted or free menu items, branded merchandise, various prizes from partner companies and gift cards.

Prizes currently include movie tickets and Sony electronics, but the prizes will change throughout 2011. Each check-in without a free wheel spin will offer the user a coupon for a featured menu item. Coupons will increase in value with more frequent check ins. The value of possible prizes on the Wheel of Awesome will also rise in the same way.

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