Boy Scouts Centennial Celebration Parade Biggest Constitution Avenue Had Ever Seen

The Boy Scouts of America kicked off their centennial celebration with the largest parade that Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. has ever hosted.  With over 10,000 participants, the parade dwarfed any parade the area has ever seen.  July 25th marked the biggest presence the Boy Scouts have had in Washington since their first Boy Scout Jamboree in 1937 when Franklin D. Roosevelt invited them to hold the event on the National Mall.

In their hundred years of existence, the Boy Scouts of America have had over 100 million members of the scouting family.  This year’s celebration was a tribute to each of them, as well as to the impact the Scouts has had on shaping American life. 

As the parade ended, the thousands of participants and spectators gathered as the Scouts held a ceremony to name the four inductees who will be inducted into the National Hall of Leadership.  The inductees were honored for their exemplary service.

ScoutQuest, Boy Scouts of America, and Washington area museums teamed up to hold a citywide scavenger hunt.  The high-tech scavenger hunt made use of Quick Response (QR) codes, which were found at various stops on the journey.  The QR codes were scanned by a smartphone at participating institutions around the city.  Each QR code told a story of how Scouting played a part in that locations mission.  Boy Scouts and the public participated in the hunt.

The Boy Scouts have various events taking place across the country through August 8 to celebrate their centennial anniversary.

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