Black & Decker’s Newest Cordless Mower to Hit the Stores

Black & Decker's Newest Cordless Mower to Hit the Stores

Black & Decker's Newest Cordless Mower to Hit the Stores

The well known and reliable power tool company, Black & Decker, has introduced a new 36 volt rechargeable mower that is cordless and self propelled and has variable speeds, called the SPCM1936.

The new mower delivers the performance and power that Black & Decker customers expect from the company and eliminates the hassle and mess of gasoline.

Besides being rechargeable, the mower features a self propulsion system that is fully adjustable to each operators own personal walking pace so the mowing speed gives a perfect cutting result every time with almost no effort.

The new rechargeable, self propelled, variable speed 36V cordless mower was designed by Black & Decker with a focus on both power and cutting efficiency.

It is simple to use with its soft start as well as the self driven variable speed motor that lets users start to begin cutting grass without an initial jerking motion and to keep going at an even, comfortable pace over uneven terrain or through the thickest grass.

You can do all of the same types of yard work that gasoline mowers do but with a lot less mess, hassle and noise.

Black & Decker has been recognized as one of the leaders in outdoor equipment that is battery powered for many years.

Their new model of cordless mower joins the many other innovative products that the company features in its expanding lineup of outdoor equipment. The new 36V mower is an intelligent and environmental alternative to fossil fuel powered grass mowers.

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