Billboard Ranks Musicians Across Social Networks

Billboard Ranks Musicians Across Social Networks

Billboard Ranks Musicians Across Social Networks

The venerable music industry company, Billboard has announced that it has expanded the selection of ranking charts that it offers. The new ranking chart will cover music artists on the main social networking sites in the world.

The chart, called the Social 50, will rank which musical artists are the most active on networking sites.

During its first week Rihanna was the artist who came in at first place. The rest of the top five, in descending order, were Justin Bieber at number two, Eminem at three, fourth to Lady Gaga and in fifth place Nicki Minaj.

The full chart with all of the results can be seen at

The Social 50 is intended as a chart that will enhance the rankings that already exist at Billboard. It will work by looking at the how many page views an artist gets as well as how many song plays per week and how many fan additions per week.

It will then use a formula to decide the ranking of artist’s social networking popularity. Data will be gathered by Next Big Sound, a tracking service of social music, from sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and iLike.

This new chart will emphasize the behavior of fans and friends of the artists as its main ranking criteria. The secondary criteria will be song plays and number of views of the artist’s page.

The site will also measure the fans to page views ratio. This will give an accurate look at which artists are most socially involved with their fans.

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